AAFA League Start Delayed!

The news broke this morning that the Aberdeenshire Amateur Football Association have taken the decision to delay the start of the 2020/21 football season. The original plan had been to allow clubs to start their league campaign on the 31st October 2020. The AAFA has now issued an updated statement regarding the new start date.

AAFA Statement: “As you will know, we set an indicitive date for the season to begin on 31 October 2020.

Given the current position with no access to dressing rooms and aassociated showering facilities, we have taken a decision to delay this anticipated start date until at least 28 November 2020. This will allow for further consideration to be given to this. The delay will obviously have a knock on effect to our anticipated programme and this is something we will monitor and review closely. We will keep you aware of the situation as it develops.

There is no issue with continuing to organise friendlies as normal, subject to the usual processes”.

Blackburn AFC Statement: Everyone at the club is disappointed with the season start being further delayed however we have to continue to put the health and safety or our players, management and committee first. The delay will hopefully allow us to begin our league campaign in the safest way possible and allow us to offer changing rooms and showering facilities to our own team and visiting teams to Kinellar Park.